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Who is the first person that comes to mind when you think of the phrase “It Factor?” What is it about this person that put them at the top of the list? Was it swagg? Confidence? Moxie?

In this chapter, we’re going to learn the importance of the “It Factor” and how to build an executive presence that can turn your next presentation into a performance!

The “It Factor” is not something a person is born with — it takes practice, intentionality and extensive rehearsal. The “It Factor” is an executive presence that’s built out of knowing your stuff and knowing it darn well.

When you’re in control, you’re in control and there’s nothing that exudes more confidence than that!

Learning Reinforcements

Je ne sais quoi. Sprezzatura. Star quality. The “It Factor.” Call it what you will — in any language, there’s a certain indefinable quality of natural grace and power.