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Uh oh. You just found out you have to give a presentation tomorrow. Your first thought might be “I can’t do this.”

Well, we’re here to tell you you can. Many presentations happen this way; it’s more rare you get advance notice.

You can use the same preparation steps we’ve already talked about, just slightly condensed.

  1. Create your audience journey map.
  2. For each stop on the map, jot down some talking points.
  3. If you’re using slides, create one slide per stop with an extra for charts or data if needed.
  4. Add your talking points to the notes section of the slide, or print them. You don’t have time to memorize, and that’s okay!
  5. Rehearse out loud, as many times as you can. Even better, get someone to watch you and provide feedback.
  6. Don’t forget your warm up exercises!

You may not have time for major changes along the way, but remember: you’re the topic expert and your audience wants to hear what you have to say. Most of all, have fun!