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Workshop Overview

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Before The Workshop

Please come to the workshop with any challenges in mind you face when it comes to communicating with others. You will apply the techniques you learn in the workshop to improve your communication skills.

For 1:1 Coaching

Refer to the below resources at your own pace. Our recommendation is to familiarize yourself with as much of our methodology as possible to maximize the time you have with your coach.

STEP 1: Download BEFORE Your Workshop

Interpersonal Communication Skills Workbook

This workbook includes skills and techniques to increase your virtual executive presence and speaking effectiveness. Be progressive. Get a head start now, and return to it throughout your journey.

Please download—you’ll need this for the class.

STEP 2: Peruse Additional Insightful Resources

Interpersonal Communication Skills eBook

Learn how to develop critical communication skills that will greatly improve you professional and personal life. Through assertive communication, active listening, and powerful questions, you can uncover the nuances and insights needed to create win-win solutions and ensure every project is a success.

View The Video Playlist

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Interpersonal Communication Skills

Dive in deeper with virtual communication skills in our Interpersonal Communication Skills video playlist. In these videos, Fia Fasbinder guides you through techniques that will take your next virtual talk from boring to bravo. 

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