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The Art and Science of Delivering Powerful Presentations

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Before The Workshop

Please come to the workshop with any challenges in mind you face when it comes to presenting and speaking in public. In this workshop, you will learn how to apply the MOXIE Method to fine-tune your presentation and public speaking skills.

For 1:1 Coaching

Refer to the below resources at your own pace. Our recommendation is to familiarize yourself with as much of our methodology as possible to maximize the time you have with your coach.

STEP 1: Download BEFORE Your Workshop

Speak with MOXIE Workbook

This workbook includes skills and techniques to increase your speaking effectiveness and presentation impact. Be progressive. Get a head start now, and return to it throughout your journey. 

Please download. You’ll need this for your workshop. You can print it and use as a hard copy or view electronically as an editable PDF. If you are unable to print the entire workbook, please print pages 11, 18, 26, 30, 31, & 46.

STEP 2: Download AFTER Your Workshop

Speak With MOXIE Cheat Sheet

Refer to this cheat sheet after your workshop to refresh your memory.

STEP 3: Peruse Additional Insightful Resources

Speak with MOXIE eBook

Cover to cover, this eBook is filled with pearls of wisdom and proven techniques that you can use immediately in your professional and personal life. No one is born with high-level speaking skills; they take practice. Deliberate practice. It’s a quick read, but very insightful and loaded with takeaways you can apply immediately. 

Executive Presence Ultimate Guide Cover

Executive Presence Ultimate Guide

Our Executive Presence Ultimate Guide is packed with insights and strategies to cultivate your executive presence. Whether in the workplace or your personal life, this guide provides actionable tips for immediate application, helping you advance on your path to becoming an outstanding leader with a commanding executive presence.

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The MOXIE Method of Effective Public Speaking

Effective presentations evoke feelings, inspire trust and turn ideas into action. Learn to harness the power of words to convey ideas, rally support, and engage audiences from the first word to the last. Discover how to effectively articulate complex and original ideas, organize and prioritize thoughts and content, and persuade your audience to take action. 

The MOXIE Effect: Effective Public Speaking: “Move Your Mouth”

The MOXIE Effect: Effective Public Speaking: “Oxygenate”

The MOXIE Effect: Effective Public Speaking: “Xcite Your Audience”
The MOXIE Effect: Effective Public Speaking: “It Factor”

The MOXIE Effect: Effective Public Speaking: “Enjoy the Experience”

Use Childlike Creativity to Inspire Your Next Presentation

Moxie 2.0 for Public Speaking

Dive in deeper with advanced presentation skills in Moxie 2.0. Fia Fasbinder guides you through techniques that will take your talk from boring to bravo. 

Moxie 2.0: MOXIE Speaker Warm-Up

Moxie 2.0: Overcoming Stage Fright & Speech Anxiety

Moxie 2.0: Speak with Confidence

Moxie 2.0: Command the Room