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Business Storytelling

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  1. Welcome To Business Storytelling
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  3. Choose a statistic that relates to your work/business. Practice writing an interesting story that brings it to life and provides an insight and action for an audience to take.
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  5. 5 Storytelling Tips
  6. How to Tell a Captivating Story
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  8. Think of a short anecdote you typically tell at work. Write it out using different story arcs to experience how each method changes the experience.
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  10. Think of a funny story from your life that colleagues or friends don’t know. Throughout the day, tell them the story separately and try to make improvements to how you tell it each time.
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  12. Storytelling Secrets of Successful TED Speakers
  13. The Secrets of Storytelling
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  15. What TED Talk or speech can you remember the most? Think about it or rewatch it and see if you can identify how it used narrative elements.
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  17. Write an action you want your audience to take. Now work backwards, write down an insight compelling enough for them to take that action. Then, write the story that gives that insight an emotional hook.
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  19. Storytelling to Influence and Persuade
  20. A Surprising Way to be More Effective at Storytelling
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  22. Think of a story that inspired you and write down how it achieved that feeling of inspiration in you.
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  24. Without any planning, write a quick story that explains how you solved a problem at work. Then, write it again using the skills you were taught on audience analysis, narrative arcs, and calls to action. Compare the two to see how more powerful these techniques make your original story.
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  26. How To Establish Trust And Credibility
  27. Storytelling Can Make or Break Your Leadership
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