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Gregg 11/23/2022
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Welcome to the official Write With POWER online class. Throughout this course, we will be covering the POWER method, a five-pronged approach to writing powerful and engaging speeches. Through the POWER method, you will learn how to master the storytelling process including how to edit and refine your content, organize your thoughts and creating attention-grabbing introductions. POWER is an acronym and each letter has its own respective chapter with a variety of lessons. No two chapters are the same! In fact, these sessions are designed to build upon each other but if you want to mix it up, that’s fine too. The individual lessons can hold their own when it comes to their respective topic. 

Worksheets and Learning Reinforcements

At the beginning of each chapter, you will find a number of worksheets that are meant to supplement the corresponding lessons. It’s important that you download and print all of the worksheets before beginning the chapter. You will find additional learning reinforcements such as blogs, videos, resources and PDFs attached to each lesson. Feel free to look through these resources to supplement your learning. 

Set the Pace

This course is meant to fit into your schedule and learning style. We recommend that you set your own pace and couple it with consistency and reinforcement. If you have to watch and engage a chapter or a lesson more than once, then feel free to do so! There is no set formula. The purpose of this masterclass is to partner alongside your public speaking goals. We encourage multiple run-throughs of the materials until you internalize the concepts and methodologies. 

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Learning Reinforcements

These errors are common and correctable, and a few subtle tweaks will put you back on a path toward righteous presentations in no time.